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Can A Fair Debate Stop The Gun Madness in 2021

 Yes, we’re insane.   But we know how to cure ourselves. Quiz Q1:   How many mass shootings (4 or more people killed or injured) have occurred in America in the 10 days from March 13 – March 22, 2021?   You are forgiven if you answered 2 (Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO).   The correct answer is 19.   The toll:   37 dead, 76 injured.   ( ) This is madness.   It’s insanity.   It’s certainly not the domestic tranquility and general welfare promised by our Constitution.   Virtually everyone in America agrees that this is wrong.   Yet we have failed as a society and a country to systematically address this problem.   Many solutions are discussed, but none are in place nationwide:   Ban Human Assault Weapons Ban high-capacity magazines Close background check loopholes Require tighter licensing, registration, and insurance Improve access to mental health, and ban gun sales to mentally ill people Limit the violence in video games.  

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