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Whom should I vote for?

  It’s not whom, it’s what “Democracy is on the ballot.   Our democracy is in trouble.   This is our last chance to save it!”   Really?   Is it that bad?   Unfortunately, yes.   The players in Washington and many states are ignoring their constitutions and the rule of law.   They are doing everything they can to stay in power.   A government built on the ideas of serving the people and partisanship with compromise has devolved to tribal warfare .   We don’t want to tell you whom to vote for.   There are too many races up and down the ballot.   But we can recommend what to vote for:   A More Perfect Union, the one we were promised in the Constitution. Ask your candidate(s) if they:   Support the checks and balances built into our federal and all state constitutions Support the absolute right to a free and fair election Believe in representation that fairly reflects voters’ preferences Believe in consistently applied rules regardless of which political party

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