The Politistress Meter

The Politistress meter

If you are upset, frustrated, and partially unable to function socially or professionally due to the state of our politics, you are experiencing politistress.

Within our political system, we can measure the effect of politistress by observing the operation of our government.  Here is the most recent reading of the meter.

Why this reading on July 26, 2020?  Racial tensions have boiled over, and President Trump is fanning the flames, not providing calm, rational leadership.  In the last 4 months we have seen:
  • Armed protesters occupying state capitols demanding that governors open up states in the face of a global pandemic
  • Armed thugs co-opting peaceful protests seeking racial justice
  • President Trump ordering federal security forces, uninvited, into American cities
This comes on the heels of the Covid-19 crisis.  Our republic is fracturing as each state deals with a national health crisis on its own, and within states there is polarized opinion pitting the economy against protecting public health.   

This reading will be updated from time to time.  Check back often!

And for those who would like to share the formal definition of politistress, here it is:
This word has been added to the urban dictionary.  Webster's is next.  Spread the word, literally!


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