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Are you looking for the latest Pelosi pissing?  Trump trash-talking?  McConnell mumbling? Schumer shushing?

You've come to the wrong place.

In this age of tribal politics, our democratic institutions are under attack by politicians of all stripes who put themselves and their parties above We the People.  At Our Imperfect Union, we explain why our system is broken, debate possible solutions, and show you how YOU can get involved to fix it.

We don't engage in hyper-partisan, tribal trash talking.  In fact we're a strictly non-partisan place.  We recognize that our broken political system has created today's tribal politics with its I-win-you-must-lose attitude.  Our broken system allows politicians of both parties to play the game, obstructing progress on issues of national and international importance.

Although we will use current issues and political events as examples, we won't advocate in a partisan way. We look behind today's headlines to understand why politicians are allowed to put party above country.   We want to repair our system of government so that no matter who is elected, they must do the people's work and be accountable for the results.

In future posts we will explore many issues, centered around this agenda for change.


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