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End gerrymandering and promote bipartisanship in Georgia

Free event - February 29 - Atlantic Station, Atlanta

Are you interested in bipartisan cooperation and fair elections in Georgia?
No Labels Georgia and Fair Districts GA present an informative program discussing the need for redistricting reform and bipartisan cooperation. Our program will address:
  • Importance of redistricting in Georgia’s election
  • How gerrymandering impacts our elections
  • What you can do to help create a fair, impartial, transparent, and nonpartisan redistricting process in Georgia
  • How you can improve bipartisanship among your state legislators and members of Congress

    Tickets are free but space is limited - Details and registration on Eventbrite.

Support bipartisan legislating

No believes that members of Congress can set aside their differences to find bipartisan solutions to big issues.  They support the Problem Solvers Caucus in the House.  The caucus successfully negotiated important rules changes in the 116th Congress (2019-20) for bills and amendments receiving strong bipartisan support.  Become a No Labels Ambassador and follow them on Facebook.

Regulate political spending advocates for a 28th Amendment to the Constitution to restrict incorporated entities' political speech rights and allow regulation of spending on elections.  Follow them on Facebook here. advocates for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to restrict corporations from claiming all constitutional rights and to allow Congress and the states to regulate political spending.  Get involved with the group and follow them on Facebook here.

Reform the electoral college

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact advocates for states passing laws that bind their electors to whomever wins the national popular vote for president.  They have 70% of the states required to make this a reality.  Follow their progress on Facebook.  Lobby your state legislators!

Have civil, non-tribal conversations

Better Angels ( brings together people from across the political spectrum to foster dialog about problems we face and how to solve them.  You can search for a group in your area, or start one.  Their website has interesting background info and graphics on polarization.

National Institute for Civil Discourse ( – fosters dialog about specific policy issues and offers you the opportunity to become an expert at solving some of them.

Fight gerrymandering

The National Democratic Redistricting Committee, led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder leads the effort to attack gerrymandering across the country.  Their website is a great resource for understanding each state, pending court cases, candidates who support fair districts, and so on.

Fair Districts Georgia and Fair Districts Ohio are examples of 2 state-level groups advocating for fair districts.  

Support organizations like the Brennan Center for Justice and Common Cause, which advocate and fight the battles in court.  

Reform elections

Reform Elections Now advocates for a variety of changes to the way we conduct elections, both primaries and general elections, to promote more moderate, less extreme candidates.  They recognize the need for eliminating the extreme partisan influence over the election process which tilts the outcome.


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